Sunday, December 30, 2007

for Baby Dillingham

I'm almost finished with this one. I have one more row of Teddy Bears to add and the baby blanket will be done! This is going to be for my cousin Tanya's baby. She's due in February and doesn't want to know the gender, so I went with the ever neutral green! :D

She'll get this on Jan. 13th at her baby shower. I'm going to knit an infants hat too to make it a match set, though I don't think I can get a Teddy Bear to fit on a hat that small. I'll have to think on that one!

Anyways, Congratulations Dillingham's!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Xmas is over....whew.

For Christmas this year, I have made the ladies of my immediate family, tote bags. :D

Here I am knitting Becky's (my Mom-I-L) Light Pink & Black Tote bag. I don't have a picture of the finished product yet, but she loved it! She was blown away when she found out that I knitted it, then felt it! She said I am awesome and she is very impressed!

This is Jennifer's (Sis-I-L) Orange & Black bag before felting.

This Is Jennifer's bag after felting!

This is Holly's (Sis-I-L) dark pink & black bag before felting. Some how I didn't get an after picture of this on either. I will have to have the girls send me photos of their bags so I can post the after pictures. :D

I also knit this yellow and black bag for my mother; one of her favorite colors is yellow!

I wonder what I will make them for next Christmas......hmmm......

The pattern for this project is available for purchase from this site:

I made, I believe, the large size.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

A Gift or two for Lisa's Birthday

These dishcloths were made for my friend Lisa . She's a Disney fanatic. A little Disney had to come to here for her birthday. :D She also received a hotair balloon dishcloth. I'll have to dig up the picture of it. The pattern is here: Hot Air Balloon Pattern
For the Mice I created a chart using knitpro and graphics I had found online. :D

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Harry Potter Hats, sort of

While I was making eight Harry Potter House hats for the local library's Harry Potter book release party give away, my kids wanted to keep playing with them. So, after the first three, I had to knit them each a hat of their own. I added some I-cords to the tops for flair. They just loved their hats and wore them at every the middle of June. Goofy Kids!
I made 4 of the narrow stripe hats and 4 of the wide stripe hats. One wide and one narrow in each house's color. So, each house had two hats. :D Unfortuneatley, I didn't get any pictures of the hats I made for the give-a-way.
Project finished (2 hats for my kids): June 2007
Project finished (8 Harry Potter House Hats): July 2007

Monday, October 22, 2007

Baby Sets for Lenae's twin boys

This set of sets were made for Lenae and her beautiful twin boys! Lenae is Jamie's cousin for those of you keeping score! :D

Project Finished April 2007

Ahh, purse! A first! I created this with no pattern, just winged it. I even attached magnetic snaps at each handle end. It turned out beautifully and I love it!

Project Finished: January 2007

Locally Donated

These baby hats were donated to my local hospital's maternity ward. I love to make these!

The pattern for these are in the March 2007 issue of Creative Knitting!

A Blanket for Kameron

This is a blanket and hat set was made for Kameron, my co-worker's new son! Congratulation Kelly and Ryan!

This was made without a pattern and will truly be a one of a kind set!
Finished: May 2007

Saturday, October 20, 2007

October Mid Month KAL

This is how my attempt at the October Mid Month Knit-A-Long (KAL) turned out. I had some difficulty with ending it. It didn't number out the way I thought it should. And it's alot longer than I would like. I used almost the entire skein on it. Oh well. My sink won't mind I guess! :D
Other than that the pattern is beautiful and I can't wait to use it!

KAL-Monthly Dishcloths-October Mid Month pattern

Publish Post

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

October Knit-A-Long

Fireman Helmet and Axe Dishcloth. October 2007.

Grandma's Gifts

These are the lovely cloths that I have made for my Grandma Raby. The patterns for these are available through the yahoo groups: MonthlyDishcloths and Love2Knit_Dishcloths.
MonthlyDishcloths: Dresses are the September Mid Month Knit-A-Long
The blue and green cloth is the March Mid Month Knit-A-Long
Love2Knit_Dishcloths: The Triangles pink and yellow cloth is part of the 30 free from the welcome page.
I created these over the course of a week. Project Finished 10-16-07

A Blanket for Alison's Son

This blanket was knitted for my cousin Alison's newborn son. He's 2 months old now and will receive this gift soon. I hope they like it!
Project Started: Last week of August 2007
Project Finished: Second week of October 2007
Pattern Source: Checkerboard Baby Blanket

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Baby Blanket

Finished November 2006 --This is a picture of Megyn's baby blanket, held by her mommy, Danielle. :D It took me a couple of weeks to make this, roughly 90 hours worth of knitting! The blanket has MEGYN spelled down the middle and baby footprints staggered up the sides. Danielle says she can't bring herself to use it because it's so beautiful.
The pattern was made up from dishcloth patterns and adjusted as needed to fit together.
Alphabet characters were obtained from:
Footprint pattern was obtained from:

Welcome to Everything Veronica

Well, I've finally done it. I've created my own blog. I've wondered if I'd have enough to say, but won't worry about that now.

I'm making an effort to design my own dishcloths that will be able to earn me some $$. I enjoy knitting. I taught myself about 2 years ago to the amazement of family and friends! lol

So, mostly this blog will be about my knitting projects small and not so small. :D