Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Skull for Ross

I made this pirate cap for Ross, he's part of my extended family.

Here he is modeling the front view....

Here is the back view.

Awesome right?!

Same pattern as the hat below. As far as the letters go, I just winged it.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Pirate's Cap......Skull~n~Bones

Here are two versions of the hat:

The stripped one is my first attempt, embroidering the pattern over the stitches in a "v" pattern.

The black one is my second attempt,

embroidering the pattern over the stitches in

an "x" pattern.

I like the way the second one turned out best!
...and I have orders stacking up for the second one too!

Jerry and Cody looking special in their hats....though Cody traded his away to Jerry's brother and now wants one like Jerry's. lol

Yarn: HAT: Caron Simply Soft, Black 9727; and

SKULL~N~BONES: Bernat Super Value Porcelain 8893.

Pattern Source:

HAT: Charmed Knits; Harry Potter House Hats (no stripes)

S&B: is adapted from one of the skullies here:

Happy Knitting!